Bag in Case Packing

Case Packer Machine For Pouches

Case Packer Machine For Pouches

The GC is a top load case packer for intermittent motion applications that can reach speeds up to 10 cases per minute, designed and built for case packing of flexible pouches and bags. It is the most suitable solution for the casing of any product primarily packed in  pouches.

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    2 Years
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    ISO CE
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    Wooden Case
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GC is an ideal piece of case packing equipment for big players and new or small businesses in need of packaging automation. Due to its overall compact footprint, this case packaging machine allows you to automate your packaging process without sacrificing large amounts of floor space. Easy setup and the quick changeover will enable you to maximize valuable uptime. GC can handle a wide range of corrugated case sizes, which makes it applicable in any industry. Customizable according to your packaging needs, GC is a case packer machine suitable for a broad spectrum of top load case packing applications.


Space-saving due to compact construction, robust and solid
User-friendly low, ergonomic arrangement of blank magazine
Easy to clean due to clear structure and good accessibility
Gentle product handling by direct and smooth operation
Ideal supplemented by innovative and productive grouping systems
Rapid and safe format size change over for economic production
Optional features such as tray module or external top closing for additional functions
Up to 12 AC cases per minute
Destacking-grouping system
Axes functions with servo drive
Depending on product and case size



Max. Speed

120 BPM


5-10 Carton/min

Pouch weight

larger than 10KG


90 to 120 bags/min

Ambient temp

 -10°C to +45°C


380V/50Hz, 3phase or customized per specification



Air Pressure & Consumption

0.7Mpa, 0.6 M3min

Bag size(mm)

L 900-1100mm x W 550-650mm

Packing weight(kg)


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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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