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Fish Feed Packaging Machine for Packing Pellet & Powder

  • March 16, 2021

Composition of Fish Feed Packaging Machine
Pellet packing machine is mainly composed of these parts: storage bin, automatic weighing device, transmission device, sewing device and electric control system.
Storage bin: It is used to take over feed pellets or other granulated materials and store them temporarily for further weighing processing.
Automatically weighing device: It can automatically weigh pellets with capacity of the setting data. The capacity can be from 5 to 50 kg. Pellet weighing by the sensor.
Sewing device: It is used to seal bags after pellets are weighed and poured into the bags.
Transmission device: It is used to transmit the packed pellets bags away from the pellet weighing and packing machine.
Control system: It is the brain of the pellet packing machine. All working steps of the package machine are under the control of electric control system. With the control system, the packing machine works automatically and accurately.


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