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Manual Big Bag Powder Weight Bagging Equipment Open Mouth Bagger Filling Machine

  • June 09, 2021

Manual Bagger with Weigher, Up to 5 BPM

Manual Bagging Equipment
As part of its GW line of bagging machines, GAOGEPAK has also developed a semiautomatic model to fill and close paper, polywoven, polyethylene bags, using a system that permits optimum safety for the bagging operator.

The operator inserts the bag mouth onto a shaping device that gives it the proper shape for subsequent insertion on the product discharge outlet.

When the operator removes his hands from the danger zone of the machine, a mechanical arm picks the bag up from the shaping device and places it under the bag-holder.

The bag-mouth closing station follows. A safety device prevents the mechanical arm from being activated until the operator has left the danger zone around the machine.

The SEMIAUTOMATIC GWB can be coupled with either net or gross weighers using gravity-, belt- or screw-feed systems, depending on the product to be bagged.


Comb system to vibrate the bag bottom during filling
Upper-level bag-vibrating system using the bag-holder
Label device for computer labels printed in real time or pre-printed labels
Ticket machine for self-adhesive labels
Ticket machine for labels to be sewn on the upper bag edge
Stainless steel for parts in contact with aggressive products
Dust hoods
Deaeration probes for aerated products

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