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How to choose right packing machine for packing pet food?

  • 2021-01-27 10:13:52

People love their pets. Millions of dollars are spent each year on top quality pet food and snacks. Pet owners are increasingly discerning as to what they feed their pets, and lately consumer choices in this market have been closely reflecting their own human diets and personalities. Product integrity, ease of use, and attractive packaging all play important roles in determining what pet food is purchased and what languishes on store shelves.

Flexible packaging is the best way to stand out on crowded store shelves and offer superior product protection, especially for protein-heavy, raw, natural, and organic pet foods.

The pet food industry has grown beyond anyone's imagination.

Who would have thought even ten years ago that our pets would have meal options that include choice cuts of protein, gravies and meal enhancers, and freeze-dried ingredients? The modern pet food market is truly a product of sweeping industry trends toward humanization of our furry friends and premiumization of their food and treats.

As pets increasingly become integral parts of our families, we regard them as individuals with distinct preferences and personalities. It only follows that today's pet food and treat packaging indulge and appeal to all five senses, both for pets and their parents.

Create a premium experience with pet food packaging equipment

Pet foods and treats are no longer something consumers buy on price point and brand loyalty alone. For modern pet food producers, differentiating from the competition is paramount. Appeal to all five senses...explore automated pet food packaging machines.

Here's how packaging machinery can support modern demands for premium pet food experience:

l Quickly and easily create single-use packs to support a sampling program

l Scale up a small operation to meet increased demand

l Increase throughput without sacrificing a small-batch, premium look

l Redirect packaging labor resources to value-added activities like R&D and consumer research

The GW bagging machine is designed to fill and close pre-formed bags easily and reliably. This bagging machine, which is ideal for medium and high production, adapts to the most varied market requirements of any sector. Gaoge's open-mouth bagging machines are extremely versatile, which allows you to bag several kinds of products such as powders and granular materials (food, feed, seed, minerals, chemicals, etc.). They can also handle several kinds of open-mouth bags, including paper bags, polywoven bags, polyethylene bags, etc.

GAOGE will provide you with professional and efficient coffee packaging machines. We will customize different machines for you according to different types of bags. Our purpose is to satisfy every customer. To be able to cooperate happily.

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