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The animal nutrition marketgrowth is driven by customer demand

  • 2021-04-24 13:56:58

The animal nutrition market is a fast growing, and highly profitable industry.Growing consumer demand is driving manufacturers to produce an increasing range of animal food product to meet a variety of needs and nutritional preferences. There are now specific recipes for different breeds and ages, for weight loss, stomach sensitivity and even versions containing additives to prevent certain ailments. The number of SKUs that manufacturers are expected to produce is quickly expanding.

Along with growing consumer demand comes increased attention and scrutiny over quality and standards. Buyers consider their animals’ health as important as their own. Because of this, they have the expectation that manufacturers provide clear labeling of ingredients, and that manufacturers fully explain what is contained within the food. Visit GAOGE to learn more about pet food packing

With all these changes in the animal food industry, how can manufacturers be expected to keep up with the pace of change? In this article we’ll explain the changes in the market, We’ll also explain how GAOGE Technology can increase productivity while enabling animal food manufacturers to produce consistent, traceable product with no cross-contamination.

Trends in the changing dog food market

The dog food market has changed dramatically in the past few years. The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) claims that the demand for complete dry dog food has increased by 90% in the last 10 years. They also state that sales of dog treats have doubled, whilst moist dog food and mixers have seen dramatic decline.

So how do pet food manufacturers meet these demands, maintain legislative standards, and remain profitable? Manufacturers that can answer these challenges have been able to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the changing market. But those that cannot quickly fall behind their competitors and their profit margins are squeezed.

The solution is innovative manufacturing technology and exquisite packaging. Those machine manufacturers who can shorten the production cycle and pack the feed perfectly can reduce labor costs and increase efficiency, and maintain the highest possible profit.

GW-450 Open-mouth Bagging Machine

The GW SERIES open-mouth bagging systems are designed for bagging free-flowing materials into open-mouth bags for applications between 5 and 50 kg per bag. The systems are ideal for bagging flakes and granules from the Food, Feed, Pet Food, Chemicals and Minerals industries.


* The automatic packaging machine can pack granular and powder materials into premade open mouth bags automatically, It can realize automatic bag feeding, bag opening, bag loading, products filling, bag sealing and others.

*The packed bag is well sealed, suitable for packing powder and granule, like feed, pet food, seed, rice, salt, fertilizer, etc.

*Friendly human-machine interface (HMI), it can providing complete fault diagnosis and solution, and quick switching of working modes for packing different characteristics materials.

* Controlled by the color touch screen(Siemens), and has real-time online detection function, which is convenient for different users

* Stable and reliable running, convenient maintenance

* Compact design ideal for restricted packaging rooms

* Individual bag pick-up and opening

* Empty bag (with or without gusset) transfer to filling mouth

* Bag hermetic fastening on filling mouth

* Bag filling (product discharge from scale or dozer) and vibrating

* Closing system: Thermo-sealing and/or multiple sewing, fold and glued etc.


All common types of bag closing devices

Product de-aeration

Remote control panel

Bag turning

Closed bag‘push off’(top or bottom first)

Full stainless steel design

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