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Why Choose Automatic Packing Machine for Packing Feed

  • 2021-02-18 16:01:35

Packaging is essential, now more than ever.

During a time of global economic and health uncertainties, packaged products are a necessity. Whether it's hand sanitizer, pharmaceuticals, medical testing kits, or food products, packaging is an essential part of keeping the world safe and healthy.

Many food producers are looking for ways to package their food products for various applications such as frozen food, grab-n-go, and pre-made meals. The demand for these types of packaging had been growing steadily for a while. However, with the arrival of COVID19, the market has only skyrocketed.

This is because many supermarkets, restaurants, country stores, and other producers and sellers of food products are offering more and more pre-packaged foods.

If you have been to the supermarket recently, chances are you have seen a few changes to staples of the shopping experience. For example, most serve-yourself salad bars are no longer "serve yourself". In their place, you will find pre-packaged salads in plastic containers.

More and more single items of produce are being shrink-wrapped to prevent the virus from touching the food inside. Many food sellers are now shifting to selling pre-made meals that are then frozen or packaged in film-covered trays.

People like you are turning to the idea of purchasing food packaging machinery and packaging their food items themselves, rather than outsourcing the process to contract packaging companies who will do the work for them. This allows you to fully control the process, machinery, materials and every other aspect of the food packaging process. It also allows you to personally ensure the safety of the food items you are selling to your clients.

There is also a big test for pet food. Under the influence of ,COVID-19 for the health of dogs. We need to pay more attention to the packaging safety of pet food. In order to minimize the contact with food, we recommend using a fully automatic open-mouth bagging machine, which can greatly reduce labor costs.


* The automatic packaging machine can pack granular and powder materials into premade open mouth bags automatically, It can realize automatic bag feeding, bag opening, bag loading, products filling, bag sealing and others.

*The packed bag is well sealed, suitable for packing powder and granule, like feed, pet food, seed, rice, salt, fertilizer, etc.

*Friendly human-machine interface (HMI), it can providing complete fault diagnosis and solution, and quick switching of working modes for packing different characteristics materials.

* Controlled by the color touch screen(Siemens), and has real-time online detection function, which is convenient for different users

* Stable and reliable running, convenient maintenance

* Compact design ideal for restricted packaging rooms

* Individual bag pick-up and opening

* Empty bag (with or without gusset) transfer to filling mouth

* Bag hermetic fastening on filling mouth

* Bag filling (product discharge from scale or dozer) and vibrating

* Closing system: Thermo-sealing and/or multiple sewing, fold and glued etc.

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