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Sunflower Seed Bagging Machines

  • August 28, 2020
Sunflower Seed
Weighing machines, Bagging machines, Packaging machines, Palletisers and Wrappers for Sunflower Seed

GAOGE offers weighing machines, bagging machines, packaging machines, palletisers and wrappers for Sunflower Seed.

The automated system illustrated below is an example of a complete line made with our sunflower seeds bagging and packaging solutions. This line is equipped with a bagging scale, a single-spout high-speed open-mouth bagger, a robotic bag palletizer, and a stretch wrapper. No matter the scope of your project, GAOGEPAK manufactures sunflower seeds packaging equipment for small- and large-scale productions.

For bags made out of flat film, GAOGEPAK can also provide you with a net weigh scale, an VFFS bagger, a palletizer, and a stretch wrapper. For a semi-automatic alternative, the GW Series is an affordable solution. A robotic bag transfer system can easily be added to fully automate your operations. For ready-made, high-quality bags with special features and options, GAOGEPAK can provide you with an open-mouth bagger (for filling small-size, pillow-type or side-gusseted plastic bags), along with a robotic palletizer and turntable stretch wrapper. Pinch bottom bag closers/sealers from GAOGEPAK and bulk bag fillers are available as well.  GAOGEPAK also offers a semi-automatic packaging system equipped with a manual bagging scale. Sunflower seeds bagging and packaging machines from GAOGEPAK are accurate, fast and reliable.

See below a comprehensive list of equipment that can be used in sunflower seeds packaging. For more information, just click on any product you are interested in.

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