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Malt Bagging Machines

  • August 31, 2020

For many people, malt refers to the beer and whisky industries but it’s also used to make vinegars, confections, bagels, biscuits, etc.  Barley is without a doubt the most common malted grain, but other products like wheat, rye, oats, rice and corn are also used to produce malt. At GAOGEPAK we fully understand how to handle and pack malted grains from the raw product to the wrapped pallet. No matter what type of malt you make, GAOGEPAK has a wide selection of malt bagging machines including open-mouth baggers and bulk bag fillers that can help you to optimize your production. If you are looking for a palletizer, you can either choose one of our conventional or robotic palletizers depending on the production rate required or the space available in your plant. GAOGEPAK also offers stretch hooders and stretch wrappers if you want to fully automate your packaging line.

Open-mouth baggers
Thanks to the expertise acquired through the years, GAOGEPAK is one of the most important manufacturers of open-mouth baggers in the world for bags of 5 kg and heavier. Those open-mouth baggers are among the fastest automatic bagging systems in the world, reaching up to 40 bags per minute depending on your product characteristics. GAOGEPAK's open-mouth bagging machines are extremely versatile, which allows you to bag several kinds of products such as powders and granular materials (food, feed, seed, minerals, chemicals, etc.). They can also handle several kinds of open-mouth bags, including paper bags, polywoven bags, polyethylene bags, etc.

In addition to its conventional open-mouth bagging machines, GAOGEPAK also manufactures and sells robotic open-mouth bagging machines. Thanks to this variety of technologies, we are able to offer you the most adapted open-mouth bagging machines on the market to fit your needs.

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