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GAOGE Solutions For PET Snacks & Bakery Products Bagging Machines

  • August 31, 2020

GAOGE offers a number of solutions for your packaged Bakery and Snack needs. There are multiple continuous motion models GAOGE can offer. The continuous motion bagger with fully integrated scales are trusted by our customers in the snack Industry. For lower output or basic pouch styles and sizes the intermittent is offered. All GAOGE models can be integrated with a GAOGE filler, an existing filling system or a new filling system of your choice. Each application would be reviewed with the filler supplier and designed and built to your specific needs and requests, then tested and proved as needed to provide the best and most efficient stack-up.

Product supply provided to packaging
Best performance starts with a steady supply of product to the fillers, Be it Horizontal motion, vibratory or belts a steady and consistent supply of product is the beginnings the great performing line

Combinations Scale / Volumetric Filler
Pick the Right Transitions
Small inlets funnels keep the charge from expanding out ward traveling from one transition to another and maintains falling speed

Steep angles keep the charge focused and minimized swirling

Integrated forming set / funnels minimize change parts and speed changeovers

Bias cut funnels increase speeds and minimize bridging

Choose the right forming set
Smooth, Dimpled Stainless Steel shoulders are options to choose from

There are various coating that can be applied to minimize sticking and extend shoulder wear

Epoxy shoulders can be an alternative

Integrated Funnel / Transition are options

Shoulder angles can be modified for special needs and difficult films

Round, Oval, Square and other shapes are available for those special needs

Snack tube / open back former are helpful with very small formers and bridging

Swing gates at the bottom of the forming tube can protecting films from sharp and hard

Product clamshells can be used for slowing product down

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