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How to Choose Cat litter packaging machine?

  • 2021-03-16 11:31:17

When we talk about pellets, most of us may think of wood pellets or other kinds of biomass pellets made of agriculture wastes. However, in fact, pellets can do more things than you think. Cat litter is important for cat owners. Good cat litter features strong water absorption and odor removing. Pellet is an ideal form of cat litter and it is especially easy to clean up.

Pet owners are increasingly demanding and attentive to the safety and environmental sustainability of products intended for their four-legged friends. And care doesn’t stop with nutrition; it concerns all types of products, including cat litter.

Cat litter can be made from a variety of ingredients with different properties and uses.

Some of the most common cat litters are made from the following:

lClay. Clay is one of the most popular cat litter materials on the market. Many clay litter brands rely on ingredients such as carbon and plant extracts to absorb odors.

lCorn. Litter made from corn is biodegradable and earth-conscious. It is available in natural and scented formulas.

lCoconut husks. This litter, made from the husks of coconuts,can be recycled as part of garden compost.

lWheat. The starch inside wheat kernels gives wheat cat litter its clumping capability and exposes natural enzymes that neutralize odors.

lWood. This type of litter comes in pellet form and is a natural pinewood by-product. The pine scent acts as a natural deodorizer.

lWalnut shells. This cat litter is made from walnut shells and is available in quick-clumping and non-clumping formulas.

lRecycled newspaper. Available in pellet form, this eco-friendly litter is made from recycled newspapers.

lSilica-based gel crystals. Silica is a natural mineral that is highly absorbent and can be reused by one cat over a period of one month.

GAOGE can customize a suitable machine for you according to the different nature of cat litter.

The GW bagging machine is designed to fill and close pre-formed bags easily and reliably. This bagging machine, which is ideal for medium and high production, adapts to the most varied market requirements of any sector. Gaoge's open-mouth bagging machines are extremely versatile, which allows you to bag several kinds of products such as powders and granular materials (food, feed, seed, minerals, chemicals, etc.). They can also handle several kinds of open-mouth bags, including paper bags, polywoven bags, polyethylene bags, etc.

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