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PET Snack Food Pacaking Machine

  • August 29, 2020
PET Food Snack Packaging Solutions

GAOGE manufactures a wide range of packaging machines specifically designed for bagging, wrapping or container filling snack foods including
packaging chips, granola, crackers, cookies, popcorn, beef jerky, trail mix, nuts, and much more.

Solutions include flow wrapping energy bars; premade pouch solutions for beef and turkey jerky; vertical form fill and seal bagging for chips and popcorn; and filling nuts in jars or plastic containers.

Our packaging machines are specifically designed to handle all of your snack food packaging needs.

This machine works by creating a bottom seal for bags then processing them through the conveyor to fill the bags with the food product. Finally, they are sent through one final seal system to close the filled bags. Having a fully automated system to form, fill, and seal bags of product has been incredible for the dried meats industry. From sanitation standards to high speeds and an increase in production, the VFFS high speed helps the dried meats industry in countless ways.

The vertical form fill seal machines are specifically designed to bag a wide range of products covering a variety of applications. Adaptable for diverse products in the dried meats industry, this machine offers unmatched sanitation and safety standards, high quality packaging, proven reliability, and, of course, a tremendous value for the dollar.

Reliable bagging and packaging machinery is at the heart of GAOGE Packaging. We work with our customers to provide lasting results. From a flawless seal to high speeds designed to maximize your production room capabilities, our machines are designed with you in mind.

When you need customization's made to your machines, our engineer technicians expertly assess your needs and determine exactly what we can do to create the perfect machine for your specific requirements. Each of our vertical form fill seal machines is seamless integrates with technology to allow for easy changeover, assuring you get the most out of your machine.

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