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  • August 29, 2020

For over than 20 years, GAOGEPAK has proven itself as the leader of vertical form fill seal systems. Delivering rugged, easy to use packaging machinery to industries ranging from candy to condiments, we offer customers high quality packaging solutions that last.

Our cost efficient machines range from vertical form fill seal systems to research and development machines as well as a flexible packaging product line including: GW and sachet systems and HFFS horizontal machines form, fill and seal flat, stand-up, zippered and spouted pouches and GBP automated pouch systems and.

The dressing and sauces industry requires a high quality seal to ensure that products are ready for shipping and distribution. With innovation and advanced technology, the VFFS high speed sachet system provides the condiments industry with new ways to fill and seal sachets.

With a new vertical form fill seal concept, this machine is designed for four-side seal sachets. Benefits of utilizing this GAOGEPAK machine in the sauces industry include high speed, high quality, precision, and efficiency.

When customers are looking to fill liquids and pasty products, such as dressings and sauces, the high speed sachet system is the perfect solutions. Features on the VFFS series include high production outputs, a combination of continuous technology and intermittent seal processes, the use of films up to 100 microns thick, and much more.

Because of the unique requirements of dressing and sauce products, GAOGEPAK provides custom solutions. The VFFS series has a laser tear notch option, simplistic filling system, regular or ultraclean options, and a lower cost of operations without sacrificing the quality of the machine.

Other advantages to using the high speed sachet system include fast changeovers and high quality seals at a high speed. This machine uses the latest motion control technology to ensure speed, accuracy, and quality packaging sachets of salad dressings, pasty liquids, and other condiments.

One of the most difficult packaging jobs is filling sachets with thick liquids at a high speed without sacrificing precision and efficiency. To assist manufacturers in this tedious process, GAOGEPAK offers the VFFS series. This machine combines continuous film motion with an intermittent sealing process and seals packets on all four sides, preserving the integrity of the condiment.

GAOGEPAK is also the master distributor of the pre-made pouch machines. These machines are rotary in nature, offering a small footprint. The easy cleaning wash-down designs offer intuitive operation, touch screen controls and can fill and seal a variety of products.

Depending on applications and production needs, GAOGEPAK can provide a the best solution to insure reliable success in the packaging of your product.

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